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Birth and Build Out your Significant Next-Level Vision this Year.

Join Debola Deji-Kurunmi’s Visionary Compass – a 40-week Signature Coaching and Comprehensive Mentorship System that helps you launch, build and scale your big vision fast –so that you can elevate your income, impact and influence in this decade.

Why Did I Build this Program?

Without Visionaries like You...

Without Visionaries like you, there would be no value created, no problems solved, no institutions built, no societies fixed, no inventions made and no progress experienced in our world. Literally, Visionaries are miracle workers!

We catch tomorrow within the womb of our hearts, and labor to birth an audacious dream. Yet the journey to seeing and seizing the Big Picture of your life’s work in different seasons can be confusing, frustrating and lonely. But it doesn’t have to be.

Debola Deji Kurunmi

Visionary | Thought-Leader | Execution Catalyst

For years, it has been my passion to help future-forward and purpose-driven individuals discover their God-given mission, and steward it effectively in a way that truly transforms the world around them. I have equipped thousands of leaders, founders and change makers – through teaching, coaching and mentoring – to fulfill their life’s calling.


Whether you want to build a University, start an investment club for local farmers, run an urban fashion line for career women, create a coaching program for teenagers, help the families of missionaries or scale your business into a global practice; your dreams are valid – and I want you to achieve your vision.




Visionary Compass is for leaders, founders, executives, future-forward visionaries and for YOU, if you

Our Methodology

Through this Breakthrough Program, I will work closely with you and a select number of other Visionaries, adopting my cutting-edge coaching framework to help you activate, actualize and accelerate your grand ideas, insights and inspiration. The program methodology includes:

Visionary Compass 4 x 4 Methodology™​

Visionary Compass is a Coaching System built around DDK’s original 4 x 4 Methodology, which merges the four (4) Vision Cardinals with the four (4) Mastery Cardinals.

Visionary Compass Modules

Taught across three (3) trimesters, we will cover eight (8) Learning Modules, each with four sub-tracks which are dripped as 45 – 60 minutes long weekly coaching sessions

Clarify-Launch-Build-Scale (CLBS) Mastery Labs ​

At CLBS Labs, you’d receive access to our high-value proprietary Execution Blueprint, get matched to a Mentor, access a Resource Bank with learning assets and toolkits for your mastery level

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Our Success Stories

Ugochi Obidiegwu

Ugochi Obidiegwu

Ugochi Obidiegwu’s time at VCAP Class of 2021 empowered her to redesign her vision into two strong organisations – UGIP Foundation and The Safety Chic Ltd. With The Safety Chic Ltd, she got into an accelerator currently equipping the organisation for investment. She also got a Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital on-board one of the Foundation’s programmes.
Ebayi Tayo-Ogunleye

Ebahi Tayo-Ogunleye

Ebahi Tayo-Ogunleye applied insights from VCAP to successfully scale her work of Coaching Creatives from a Whatsapp group to a 12-week signature coaching program now called The UPGRADE BOULEVARD!

One of her brands, Ecovibbs has also started producing exquisite ornamental decors from hair waste. We love to see it!

Yetunde Adewunmi

Yetunde Adewunmi

Yetunde Adewunmi joined VCAP with the big dream of starting StayinBio – and she did just that! In addition to launching out, she’s held 5 independent webinars, and accessed internships for 2 students, plus jobs afterwards! In the last year, Yetunde trained 22 students, secured $2, 100 in scholarships for applicants, and curated an eligibility checklist for US Grad Schools Applications.
Temitope Falade-Aderibigbe

Temitope Falade-Aderibigbe

Temitope Falade-Aderibigbe stepped into higher possibilities as VCAP equipped her to birth DT THINK-TANK, a firm helping busy executives launch their nonprofit so they can actualise their social impact mission. Being a dream come true, huge congratulations are in order!

Dr. Funmi Adeniyi

Dr Funmi Adeniyi

Dr. Funmi Adeniyi’s journey inspires us greatly! Using VCAP insights and moving to rapid execution, Dr. Funmi created stronger structures within her business and expanded from one employee to a 10-man team as well as tripled her income compared to the previous year.

Aronke Feyi-Emmanuel

Aronke Feyi-Emmanuel joined the Program seeking clarity and execution. Now, she has launched Child Afrique as an online marketplace for African brands in babies, children and maternity care products, and has successfully hosted the 1st African Brands in Childcare Conference and Exhibition.
Bamike Adeyemi

Bamike Adeyemi

She was already a powerful voice of hope through music, but Bamike Adeyemi came into VCAP to activate her next-level dimensions. And yes, she did! In just one year, she’s launched BAMIKE OBA MENTORING ACADEMY, sparking several powerful dialogues and transformational conversations that empower creatives for their purposeful work!
Bunmi Oduah

Bunmi Oduah

Bunmi Oduah has spent the last one year at VCAP executing big things! She launched and successfully ran the first cohort of her Waiting Gracefully Program – a group coaching, curriculum-based program for high achieving single women who want to get married. Now, she’s in the final phases of going live with her much-anticipated Waiting Gracefully book.
Bralade Koroye-Emenanjo

Bralade Koroye-Emenanjo

Bralade Koroye-Emenanjo transitioned from authoring “A Line in the Sand” which was in itself so powerful to launching #TheBoundariesMovement as a standalone brand and institution. She also received an invitation for her first paid speaking event internationally, simply by the power of strengthening her work and brand.

Meet Debola Deji-Kurunmi

Visionary | Thought-Leader | Execution Catalyst

Debola Deji-Kurunmi is a Transformational Catalyst and Certified Visionary Leadership Coach, equipping a new breed of African visionaries to rise and enthrone the continent into global prominence! Her work of coaching, consulting and capacity building cut across Christ-centered ministry (through Kingdom Leaders Global Alliance and FIREBRAND Movement ), Personal Transformational Coaching (through IMMERSE Coaching Company), as well as public policy and impact advisory (through Ideation Hub Africa).

Step into this Decade with Purpose

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Application Requirements for the
Visionary Compass Accelerator Program

All prospective students of the Visionary Compass Accelerator Program Class of 2022 are required to go through a short application process.

While the Self-Paced option is open to everyone,  access to the Group Coaching MasterMind option is not “first come, first served”, but merit-based.

To ensure the highest quality of coaching and so that we can help each Visionary with the time and dedication they need, we have capped the Group Coaching MasterMind access to 50 Visionaries only. Note that the Self-Paced Option is open to more people.

For the purpose of synergy, we have to gather a group of growth-driven visionaries from non-competing spheres, who are interested in accomplishing their vision by leveraging collective wisdom to navigate challenges, execute their next-big-targets and attain sustainable success.

We’d require you follow a short application process, so that we can confirm your suitability. Expect to hear back from us in 5 – 7 working days. 

Application for the Class of 2022 opens on the 8th June, 2022

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