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Ayanfe Egede

The most beautiful part of where I am with my vision is that I have the structures in place and tools required to relaunch a more sustainable model of the Daily Feast program that will help me go beyond where I currently am. Everything is set for this to happen before the end of Q1 2022!

Even though I came into VCAP wanting to focus on Resonae I realized in the first month that I needed to use this year to go back to the Daily Feast. VCAP helped me put in more structures especially around growing my team. It’s helped me be more resilient and bolder when it comes to my reach. My social capital, networks and access continues to grow. I grew a lot in Announcement Wealth and Transformational Wealth. The share of my voice grew in audiences I wasn’t expecting. As a career professional, I have stepped into performance conversations as well as getting into getting into career conversations with career experts/team leads. I have been able to distill my wisdom, professional skills and expertise into products, services or offerings that bring value to my audience.

In my personal growth, I have learned how to put adequate boundaries in place. I am set to relaunch the Daily Feast in its new format before the end of 2021. My execution mindset has grown in leaps and bounds. I have been able to structure my life in a way that allows me not to trade the things that I treasure. I have established key relationships that have enabled me to grow and scale my vision in ways that I would have never expected. Most importantly, I am not the same woman who started VCAP.

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