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The Visionary Transformation Rubric

In search of a comprehensive set of indicators to measure success for Visionary Individuals and Institutions, our Founder developed the Visionary Transformation Rubric as a guide for us to measure the success of our work with visionaries, as well as help visionaries measure their success, within the Program, but more importantly, for many years after, since we know that VCAP marks you for life!

Here are some things VCAP will help you achieve:

What You'll Accomplish in the Visionary Compass Accelerator Program

Build a Personal Vision Flow System

You will create a life architecture that empowers you to receive insights, instructions and inspirations consistently, as well as catch brilliant thoughts and God-given ideas through your unique Flow of Light. You will quickly grow your inner authenticity, learn the art of meditative quietness and become more in-tune with your visionary lens.

Clarify and Consolidate your Vision Blueprint

Whether your life’s mission takes you on a path of business, career, faith-based ministry, social impact work, public service or governance; you will gain cutting-edge clarity on your Life’s Purpose and your significant place in the world. You will also consolidate your existing assignments into a comprehensive Vision Blueprint, so that you’re building for the long haul.

Discover and Deploy your Multi-Influential Life Roadmap™

This is DDK’s original Roadmap that unearths the four distinct empires of legacy flowing out of you through which you release your industry, influence, benevolence and spirituality. A groundbreaking discovery that will equip you to steward your many-sidedness without feeling confused, overwhelmed or disorganized.

Learn, Lean into and Leverage your Greatest Genius

The Visionary Compass will offer you the likely highest self-awareness you’ve ever experienced! You will fully crack the codes of your Creative Genius, Distinct Voice and Life Monogram in a way that frees you from the rat race, the comparison game or societal labels. You will learn how to leverage who you are and what you’ve been through to birth and build a powerful vision.

Adopt and Adapt our Rapid Execution Techniques

You will have full working knowledge of our easy-to-implement Rapid Execution Techniques, that helps you convert your ideas into products in as short as 90 days, even if you start without cash or team members. You will be able to take your most important work to a higher level of income, influence and impact as you produce excellent output, grow your organization, and multiply your potential.

Craft your Blue Ocean Strategy

You will understand the intricacies and complexities of the audience, markets and industry you serve through your significant next-level vision. The Visionary Compass will also work with you to craft your own Blue Ocean Strategy and optimize your “Business Model” so that you can create solutions and value in our new world order, and for the emerging future.

Fast-Track your Growth and Accomplishment

Through the CLBS (Clarity, Launch, Build, Scale) Mastery Cardinals, you will receive in-depth, hands-on guidance on exactly where you are with your vision as a living entity. You will work on a specific, high-impact deliverables through our High-Value, Proprietary Execution Blueprint to achieve real results and fast-track your Momentum, Mastery and Money-Making.

Expand your Exponential Community

You will draw extraordinary value from our exponential community of other visionaries, leaders of thought, changemakers, and distinguished creatives, who are in different stages on their Visionary Path and Mastery Levels. You will also access resources, mentorship opportunities and collaborations with dynamic, cross-sectoral advantage.

Step into Legacy Leadership

You will discover your authentic leadership DNA, and use this to influence your teams, proteges, associates etc. in more strategic ways – without losing yourself. You will step into Legacy Leadership to rally strong troops, replicate your current successes through others, and raise the next generation.

Get Coached by DDK

Consider this a lifetime opportunity to be directly taught, mentored and coached by Debola Deji-Kurunmi. As a Visionary herself - operating fully her Multi-Influential Life assignments at IMMERSE Coaching Company, Ideation Hub Africa, FIREBRAND Movement and Kingdom Leaders Global Alliance – DDK has created the most comprehensive program you’d need as a future-forward visionary.

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