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The most comprehensive curriculum you’d find for Bold Visionaries

This is the most comprehensive curriculum you’d find for bold visionaries who want to activate, actualize and accelerate their God-given Assignment in 2022!

We are going to teach you everything we know about the Art and Practice of Vision, so that you can propel your purpose and put yourself into the future you see, without trading the things that matter to you.

Visionary Compass is a complete scratch-to-scale roadmap for manifesting your vision. Whatever stage you are, you’d find specific, easy-to-implement strategies, step-by-step guides and action-driven coaching that will work for you.

Visionary Compass Modules

Module One
Vision Quest

Discover guiding principles for a life of vision, understand your calling and assignment, set yourself on a clear path to deep inner fulfilment and accurately interpret the restlessness + dissatisfaction you experience in seasons. This Module helps you leave the ordinary behind, as it offers you course-setting alignment towards your higher calling and future. We will cover:

The Womb of Tomorrow (Where Vision Comes From)

Power and Purpose of Vision

How We Create the Future

Four Cardinals of the Visionary Compass

Module Two
Co-Creating with God

Step into your co-creation mandate as a force for God on earth, consciously optimize your creative capacity to produce your most meaningful work, and activate a super-charged Flow of Light (divine insights, ideas and instructions) into your heart. This Module helps you to partner with God of the Universe, and amplify your spirituality to make a difference in the world! We will cover:

Understanding God as the Ultimate Visionary

How to Think, Love and Create like God

God’s Investment Model – the People ROI

Mastering How God Leads You

Module Three
Vision Clarity Blueprint

Clarify, crystalize + consolidate your Vision Blueprint, design an authentic architecture that helps you achieve success without overwhelm; and radiantly release your Four God-Given Empires with laser focus. Whether launching out for the first time, or scaling up an established vision, this Module takes you out of self-sabotage, second-guessing and slow motion. We will cover:

Lean into your Life’s Mission Now

Crafting your Multi-Influential Flows Roadmap™

Deploying your Subconscious Machinery

Vision Design Studio

Module Four
Visionary Prototypes

Learn, relearn and unlearn YOU as your greatest asset, elevate into your zone of highest utility by harnessing your greatest genius. Convert your gifts into an impact-making mechanism and confidently lead your vision without comparison or competition. This Module challenges your self-perception toward the Original Plan and strengthens your enthronement. We will cover:

Your True Identity: Banishing Labels, Boxes and Stereotypes

Understanding Purpose, Calling, Assignments and Gifts

The Twelve Visionary Prototypes™

Harnessing your Greatest Genius - stewarding your Unique Prototype

Module Five
Vision Execution Playbook

Accelerate your creative work as a best-in-class leader within your field, utilize a step-by-step guide to execute your next-big-target every 90 days goal, and expand your vision into higher purpose and profit this 2021. This Module hands you effective tools for shifting into your A-Game of momentum, money and mastery.

Visionary Process Blueprint

Adopting and Adapting Rapid Execution Techniques

Action-Bias and Resource Magnetism

Value, Worth, Earning Power and Wealth

Module Six
The VisionScape

Implement an elegant strategy that works for your audience; create and multiply value across the 12 Service Pillars™, and propel your personal + business brand into the distinguished category. This Module makes you a powerhouse this 2021 whether you serve through business, nonprofit leadership, public service / government, or faith-based ministry. We will cover:

Understanding Systems, Sectors, Industries and Markets

Creating Solutions across Service Pillars

Serving your Audience through Value-Creation and Thought-Leadership

Secrets to Building a Distinguished Brand

Module Seven
Innovation Work-Room

Manufacture your ideas as scalable inventions that change lives, and grows wealth, build an industry-leadership model that puts you ahead in your space, and advance courageously from one phase to the next, across the Clarify-Launch-Build-Scale framework. This Module helps you innovate quickly, and sharpen your craft as you steward your mission. We will cover:

The Forces of Innovation and Evolution of Ideas

Building Innovative Blue Oceans

Fast-Tracking your Degrees of Expertise

Succeeding at Scale

Module Eight
Leadership, Influence and Legacy

Be a valiant voice of hope for those coming after you, and structure your leadership to unleash potentials, replicate success and build legacy. Grow your team’s operational excellence so they don’t depend on you, and position yourself for opportunities and platforms that fathers give. This Module will teach you how to build to last. We will cover: 

Rallying and Raising a Mighty Troop

Strategy, Structure and Systems for Longevity

Building for Legacy

Positioning for Trans-generational Transfers

Join Visionary Compass Program

(CLBS) Mastery Labs

CLBS Methodology

Visionaries who get into this Program will be enrolled into their individual Labs, depending on their current mastery level, as far as their next-level vision is concerned. We are not all at the same stage with our vision, and we ensure that you receive mentorship guidance based on where you are.

At CLBS Labs, you’d receive access to our high-value proprietary Execution Blueprint, get matched to a Mentor, access a Resource Bank with learning assets and toolkits for your mastery level, and join Monthly Mentoring MasterClasses to ensure you get real results.

Using our Execution Blueprint, we expect visionaries to move by at least one mastery level upward at their own pace (i.e. from Clarify to Launch, or from Launch to Build etc.). At every level you are during the Program, we will work with you, providing the support, mentorship guidance and resources that propel your growth and accomplishment.

Clarify Lab

Ideal to Start Here: Seeing Stage.

You are starting to capture a brand new assignment, or a new dimension / expression of an ongoing mandate.

You seek big picture clarity, right interpretations, and articulation so that you move beyond fear, confusion or overwhelm into the phase of boldly launching your mission.

Launch Lab

Seeing Stage to Serving Stage.

You have gained a good degree of clarity about your assignment, gradually working on your vision but without sufficient big picture and guidance to fully launch out.

You seek guidance and a defined path for launching your idea, connecting with your audience and exchanging value for profit or impact.

Build Lab

Ideal to Start Here: Shedding to Stewarding Stage

You have a growing brand, an established vision, working team and committed audience. You’re making some impact and income but require innovative expansion.

You seek guidance for systematic growth, increased capability to leverage strategy, people, technology etc. to take on more opportunities, multiply wealth and grow influence

Scale Lab

Ideal to Start Here: Stewarding to Significance Stage

You have a growing brand, an established vision, working team and committed audience. Your vision is impactful and runs without you, and now, you require innovative scaling up.

You want accountability to finetune your systems, expand into new markets as well as leverage strategy, people, technology and leadership to grow your cutting edge and multiply wealth.

How the Lab Works

Execution Blueprint

When you join Visionary Compass Program, you will gain access to our high-value proprietary Execution Blueprint which offers you a broad roadmap for moving your vision forward, including top priority tasks with timelines. You won’t find our Blueprint anywhere else, and it captures covers a simple-to-implement execution workplan for each of the Mastery Levels i.e. Clarify, Launch, Build and Scale, so that as you move from level to level, you know what to do to achieve bold wins!


For members of our Group Coaching MasterMind, you would be assigned to a mentor with in-depth knowledge and professional experience for your level. Your mentor will provide guidance, support and hand-holding as you move toward your goals every Trimester. Mentors have specific availability during office hours, and deliver the best to productive students utilizing the Blueprint for results.

Mastery Resources

The CLBS Labs have a huge Resource Bank with learning assets and toolkits for each mastery level.  At your time and convenience, you can access access short videos, audios, articles, tools and books to help you fast-track your growth based on where you are. The best part is that you have access to resources from other Labs too!

Monthly Mentoring MasterClasses

Mentors join us once every month in open-house Q and A sessions, teaching on expertise-based topics and providing valuable insights that equip you to succeed consistently every single month!

CLBS Synergy

You have access to other visionaries, leaders, changemakers, founders and executives from non-competing industries or sectors, also at your mastery level, with whom you can share inspiration, opportunities, collaboration platforms, and value exchange. Given that we carefully select the members of our Group Coaching MasterMind, you’d be in the same space with a distinguished league of leaders.

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