Most Frequently Asked Questions, and their answers!

Visionary Compass is a Coaching System that deploys a tested 4 x 4 Vision Mastery methodology that moves you from scratch to scale with your vision. Even if you have not fully caught all parts of your vision, the Compass will help you gain precision in the first 30 – 90 days of the Program (depending on how quickly you take action with our Blueprint) so that you can move forward towards launching your assignment.

We are proud of you! If you’re already on the path of real results with your vision, then you would likely be enrolled into the Build or Scale Lab at Visionary Compass, thus, the Program will further deepen your insights about all the key components of your vision, as well as help you implement a fully-built system for high-value execution, leadership and growth!

Yes, you would be able to operate the principles we teach at Visionary Compass. The 8 Core Curriculum Modules will guide you on the Four Empires of Vision, across 32 Cardinals that empower you to birth and build out any vision, mandate, or big idea that you have for a better world, including through nonprofit work or faith-based ministry.

Forty weeks is a huge commitment, but it’s what you need now for what’s coming this Decade. We’ve created the program with your schedule in mind. You’re in class every Trimester (3 months) and then take a 2-week break. Each Trimester, you receive one 30 – 45 minute video + audio session every week, available on your learning app.

Knowing where you are on your journey is critical to maximizing your experience at the Visionary Compass. Please take the Visionary Path Assessment HERE and read more about the CLBS Labs HERE

We encourage that you select one of your assignments as your primary focus, so that you can quickly integrate your learning into execution. Rest assured that the same principles you master at the Compass will work across multiple vision-streams or assignments.

Absolutely! Our Signature Core Curriculum Modules paired with full utilization of the Execution Blueprint and the associated action plan will provide great guidance and hands-on support to help you step into a league of your own with the work you do (or want to launch!).

This is such a great question! IMMERSE Inner Circle is our subscription-based membership to help women experience personal transformation, delivered by mindset re-engineering. Through our courses, content, community and coaching, we support women’s growth into healing, discovery, identity, purpose and contribution.

Visionary Compass is specifically for visionaries, leaders, founders, executives, disruptors and innovators, male or female, who have experienced personal transformation, and now seek to shift into the elite zone of visionary transformation – a rare state of propelling your vision into a powerhouse of authority, impact and wealth.

Big good news! You have lifetime access! You can keep going back to the genius-grade Core Curriculum as this Decade opens up and you hit mega-waves of opportunities within your spheres of influence! 

Upon successful completion of the academic program, you can join our alumni-only membership program, which gives you continued access to all the Supporting resources, a vibrant community of leading Visionaries, the mentorship framework, replays as well as other offerings of the academic program. 

We are a global community of visionary men and women, from all parts of the world. The Visionary Compass Accelerator Program and community run significantly online,  from the corner of your home. The Quarterly Live Retreats with DDK will, however, hold live in physical locations which would be communicated over the course of the Program. This notwithstanding, you would be able to join in through live streaming and thoroughly have a great time! We would also provide Replays of all the Live Retreats.

You can choose to make a single payment at the start of the program, or opt in to be billed either on a quarterly or monthly basis, depending  on your choice.

We advise you to carefully weigh your decision to join Visionary Compass, because due to the fully digital nature of our content and rigorous procedure that onboards you in the Program, each slot is carefully allocated. Thus, we offer no refunds (partial or full) for this Program, once you enroll. We believe commitment and follow-through create momentum. We believe you will create significant impact if you apply the strategies provided through the various parts of our MBA-grade program offering. Thank you for understanding and honoring our policy.

After submission, your application would go through a review/Jury evaluation process. You would be notified via email (typically within 3-5 days) of your application status, with itemized next steps, including access to the payment portal as applicable.
Being enrolled in the Visionary Compass Accelerator Program affords you access to the Unbundling the Decade program as one of its bonus courses in addition to the Core Curriculum
Books are privately purchased by the Visionary, and belong to you as your personal resource.
VCAP seeks to onboard you if you have a vision/idea for creating change in Africa, are able to sell the idea/vision you are working on (or planning to work on), as well as demonstrate that you have the time and willingness to actively participate in and fulfill the obligations of the Accelerator Program.

No problem! We’re here for you. Please send an email to info@myvisionarycompass.com and you would receive a prompt response to your enquiry. 

Knowing where you are on your
journey is important to maximizing
your experience at the Visionary Compass

Step into this Decade with Purpose