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Visionary Compass Accelerator Program (VCAP) Core Curriculum is 100% online so you can participate anywhere, anytime, available on the Learning App (iOS / Android). Go through each week’s coaching course immediately it’s released, or slow things down and plan your study into your own schedule, ensuring to remain up to date.

How the Program will Run

Through this Breakthrough Program, we work closely with you and a select number of other visionaries, adopting DDK’s cutting-edge coaching framework to help you activate, actualize and accelerate your grand ideas, insights and inspiration. This is what you’d get:

Visionary Compass Core Curriculum

Taught across 3 Trimesters, we will cover 8 Learning Modules, with four sub-tracks which are dripped as 45 – 60 minutes long weekly coaching sessions. You’d be able to watch or listen to actionable, micro sub-tracks on the learning app (both for iOS and Android) wherever you are. Some Modules require mandatory learning reviews and actions; others do not.

Tech-Enabled Proprietary Execution Blueprint

You’d receive access to our proprietary Execution Blueprint to help you craft your Fail-Proof Action Plan for your goals, showing you specific steps, priority actions, team requirements and timelines over 40 weeks, broken into 90-day cycles. This extremely high-value component of the Program, is deployed through a goal-tracking app with features that enable you to execute your key tasks in a clear and orderly fashion.

Clarify-Launch-Build-Scale (CLBS) Mastery Labs

You will be enrolled into your unique Mastery Labs, depending on your current mastery level alongside other visionaries within the same level, based on the vision you’re working. Each Lab is equipped HERE.

Coaching Community

Our exclusive Coaching MasterMind is a priceless component of the Program, providing you a distraction-free community of super-achievers, where you connect to peer-to-peer advisory, support, collaboration and knowledge sharing in a non-competitive setting. You could also review your learning together.

Coach Matching

You get matched with a Certified Accountability Coach, who has in-depth knowledge and professional experience for your Mastery Level. Your Coach will provide you with support, clarity, hands-on help, resources and advice. There are regular coaching sessions where you can discuss your goals, walk through stages in the Execution Blueprint and move forward quickly! (Note that when you move to a new Mastery Level, a new mentor may be assigned to you.)

Expert Mentoring MasterClasses

You will join Expert Mentoring MasterClasses to provide you with practical success strategies for your visionary execution. Visionaries get to ask questions, receive guidance and connect with industry leaders. You also access Replays for all Mentoring MasterClasses in the VCAP Program.

Service-Based Field Trips

At the end of Trimester One, you will join an extraordinary Field Trip experience, based on your unique Service Track (business, career, faith-based, social impact or public policy / governance), that sets our visionaries within real-industry contexts and enriches your world view.

Internship Practicum

At the start of Trimester Two, visionaries in the Program have the opportunity to undertake an optional one-month Internship Practicum at an organization of interest, or with a leader they want to learn from. We will work with you to make the most of your Practicum.

Executive Leadership Immersion

For visionaries on Executive Coaching, join DDK and other superachievers at a carefully curated Coaching Retreat at enriching Resort in Africa. This Retreat offers VIP / one on one coaching access with our Lead Coach, opportunities for self-renewal and also integrates an internationally recognised Senior Leadership Development Program, delivered in-person at an International Business School.

Coaching Calls with DDK

Every Trimester, DDK steps into virtual Coaching Calls with visionaries, in a no-holds-barred style and provides topnotch guidance, deep-dive mentorship and real-time insights for your work and vision.

Live Coaching Retreat, Awards and Graduation Ceremony

Usually, an extremely captivating and very cherished set of activities mark the close of Visionary Compass Accelerator Program! In December, we crown the official end of our 40-week Accelerator with celebrations, awards and a noteworthy Graduation Ceremony, also featuring the Valedictorian’s Speech and a warm Keynote by an Industry Captain.

Visionary Compass 4 x 4 Methodology™

CLBS Methodology

Visionary Compass is a Coaching System built around DDK’s original 4 by 4 Methodology, which merges the four (4) Vision Cardinals with the four (4) Mastery Cardinals. Across these Cardinals are the core elements of thought and practice that makes you into a well-rounded visionary, so you can create long-term value, scale impact and multiply wealth in progression.

The Clarify-Launch-Build-Scale
(CLBS) Mastery Labs

Visionaries who get into this Program will be enrolled into their individual Labs, depending on their current mastery level, as far as their next-level vision is concerned. We are not all at the same stage with our vision, and we ensure that you receive mentorship guidance based on where you are.

Program Structure and Schedule

  1. Program Duration: March – December 2024
  2. Program Structure: Three Trimesters with Two Recovery Breaks
  3. One Trimester: 12 Weeks
  4. Recovery Breaks: 1 Week
  5. Core Activities: Execution and Learning

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