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Desewa Adebowale

DDK is LIVING PROOF! She is one coach who does not only teach others to believe that their dreams are valid but also pushes herself to believe that her own dreams are valid. She doesn’t just teach others how to launch out, she also finds others who stir her up too and equip her with tools to launch out.

She won’t just shine light for you to walk your way towards the best version of yourself, she of her ownself consistently seeks light, in order to aid her own journey as well. DDK doesn’t just teach others grit, I can say for a fact that you’d meet very few humans who could match her own grit.

I’d say her courses have become one of my best places for inspiration, discipline, and encouragement. I’ve stayed plugged in because I like to be able to visit places that push me to do more at whatever point or time I need it, and IMMERSE does that for me. My best transformational story is how I SEE farther now and that’s a great plus to the vision strength I have. Your Coaching helped me SEE more and that has transformed how I distill possibilities to reality.

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