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Bisola Kuku

As a Coach, DDK shows you what is possible, why it is possible and how you can actually make it happen. What makes her absolutely unique is because she shares from the depth of her own journey and experiences as well as breaks everything down in such a way that the light hits you and you have no choice but to run with the winds that she has stirred up in your sails.

Over the last one year joining her Coaching Inner Circle, my eyes are beginning to open to new levels and dimensions of what is possible, I now see more clearly the things that have held me back; top among them being my subconscious conditioning, habits as well as a lack of knowledge and clarity on the right steps that I need to take to step into the visionary life that God has called me into.

In July, I launched, an online resource centre that provides simple tools for greater productivity. I created multiple checklists cutting across various areas of life, and recorded a 10 Part Series on Productivity! This was completely out of my comfort zone but I was able to successfully launch in November.

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