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"You can't come in contact with DDK and remain the same person. It's impossible! Her words will move you from where you are to where you need to be. First, DDK is LIGHT! From her books, to calls, to posts, to one-to-one coaching sessions, every point of contact you have with any of DDK's expressions always brings LIGHT! You cannot remain in the dark unless you choose to.

Second, DDK is CATALYSIS on steroids! DDK gets you moving - this is where the transformation piece comes in. She helps you see that more is possible and literally gives you the tools you need.

Third, DDK is a true VISIONARY with accurate prophetic insight. She sees GLOBAL. She sees KINGDOM. She's never caught up with the now, she wants you to be aware of the future which is why she emphasizes so much on getting schooled.
Ayanfe Egede
Marketing and Communications Expert, UK
DDK is phenomenal! She is everything she teaches! She is a force of impact on me. DDK is the real deal! Gosh! I am so blessed and grateful! I don’t know how I would have gone through 2020 so successfully, without my coaching experience with DDK. I am not the same person I was at the beginning of 2020 and it’s many thanks to my coaching experience with her!

Working with her has shifted me into the belief that my dreams are valid and achievable! I have grown in confidence as I have come to understand that I am on a visionary journey and I am not out of my mind. I have gained strengths in the area of execution and I have learned to leverage my strengths rather than focus too much on my ‘weaknesses’ .

Last year, I evolved from uncertain and afraid to convinced and ready, as well as learning to work with what’s in my hands which led me to becoming an author and starting a movement of young professionals. I am literally living my dream!
Christina Soname
Corporate Trainer, and Author, Dear Young Professional
DDK is a Catalyst. She very quickly gets the vision you are trying to explain and is able to break it down into actionable steps so that it becomes easy to execute. She is very knowledgeable about a wide range of industries and is able to give tangible thoughts around upgrading your influence in your respective field.

Beyond the actual execution, DDK upgrades and upscales your vision - she carefully pushes you to believe bigger, to dream more, and to elevate your desires. She recognises your unique capacity and she provides the right level of tension to ensure you are delivering at the level you are really capable of.

In addition, she always goes back to the basics - who are you becoming in the process of executing your vision. So she's not just about the doing, she's very much about the becoming, which is so powerful and is what sets visionaries up for long-term success.

The woman I was when I joined the first cycle of her Coaching Inner Circle and the woman I am today, in the 5th Cycle, are completely different!"
Bodam Taiwo
Senior Marketing Professional with a multinational FMCG; Author; Lifestyle Coach; Ministry Gift
DDK is a phenomenon and wonder in human form! Being around her for the right reasons pushes one into areas of one's life that were never dreamt about or considered possible. As a Transformation Coach, she literally helps people experience personal transformation in a way that is sustainable, repeatable and gracefully so too.

Being a part of her Coaching Program has been an epic journey that has been adventurous, super interesting and excitingly demanding. Her methodology shows you easy and replicable steps, so you don’t get lost in the maze called Life.

My limiting mindsets have been completely demolished and I now operate a Growth Mindset. As a person, I have started a journey I know I will never recover from. I thought I knew much about myself until I met with DDK's teachings.

Thank you for helping dare to dream again, especially with assignments that I thought were unachievable! Now, I have clarity and moving toward execution. Thank you my phenomenal coach!
Deborah Ikongbeh
Kiddies’ Fashion Entrepreneur
As a coach, DDK is passionate about selling women the possibility of living a life of peace, prosperity and purpose beyond it being a source of income and one more thing she does. This shines through in her unfiltered, close up coaching methodology.I have grown and I am growing beyond just what I'm doing but who I am be coming.

In 2019, I stepped into IMMERSE Inner Circle with DDK and started to experience life-altering, destiny-shifting wisdom that made me glide with ease like a greased machine! As my mindset began to experience re-engineering, I started to manifest the kind of things that upgraded women manifest. I published my second Novella that year.

Also, I held a 7-Day Back-to-School Scriptural Affirmation with Mothers, which birthed Moms With Swords Book, Volume 1 and 2 as well as the Fervent Moms Community. As I put to work what I was learning from DDK’s Coaching, I went on to write and finish two new books in less than 3 months each! Talk about wonder working wisdom!

Even my spouse who sees me the closest says "I'm proud of the woman you are becoming". It is a proof that the growth can be seen even in unfiltered privacy.
Emike Osumah
Creative Writer, Published Author
DDK is a force of light that hits you and then leaves you permanently transformed. Her coaching is laced with uncommon wisdom and the kind of rare insight that moves you out of stinking thinking, comfort zones and mediocre mindsets. It catapults you from your "here" to your "there". It positions, equips, and propels you into your destiny!

Her coaching has led me into permanent transformation! I can never be the same simply because I cannot unsee what I have seen and I cannot unhear what I have heard. I have achieved more in my one year of on this journey than I have in my many years of walking the surface of the earth.

Your coaching helped me step without limits into my multi-influential flows and dimensions as DDK calls it. Working with you, I have stepped out fearlessly to launch a transformational online course, boldly and unashamedly author a counter-cultural book, launched my relationship coaching company, hosted masterclasses and series that have impacted hundreds - and there's still so much more in the works! Talk about rapid execution for me in 2020! Thank you, DDK!
Tosin Sanni
Relationship Coach, HR Professional
DDK is LIVING PROOF! She is one coach who does not only teach others to believe that their dreams are valid but also pushes herself to believe that her own dreams are valid. She doesn't just teach others how to launch out, she also finds others who stir her up too and equip her with tools to launch out.

She won't just shine light for you to walk your way towards the best version of yourself, she of her ownself consistently seeks light, in order to aid her own journey as well. DDK doesn't just teach others grit, I can say for a fact that you'd meet very few humans who could match her own grit.

I'd say her courses have become one of my best places for inspiration, discipline, and encouragement. I've stayed plugged in because I like to be able to visit places that push me to do more at whatever point or time I need it, and IMMERSE does that for me. My best transformational story is how I SEE farther now and that's a great plus to the vision strength I have. Your Coaching helped me SEE more and that has transformed how I distill possibilities to reality.
Desewa Adebowale
Medical Doctor
Being coached by DDK is a total life make over experience. The miracle happens when take her Courses and follow through diligently, because you actually transform into a new person. She’s an expert in going for root causes of mindsets not just symptoms, and the wisdom she delivers is truly transformational.

In a time with so many people saying similar things just to make a quick buck from coaching, I consider her such a huge light and breath of fresh air.

Joining within her coaching program will produce many things for you including EPIC Shifts, upgraded mindset, possibility thinking, amazing insights, a warm community, super duper awesome coaches, an abundance mindset!
Chiaka Chuku
Non-Profit Professional, Financial Trading
Personal transformation is first about BEING than it is about teaching, and DDK is a full representation of transformation. She is a living example of a 360 degree transformation and this makes it easier for her to transfer it to others.

Getting connected to DDK in 2019 changed my life forever. I was able to heal, upgrade and evolve in the deepest areas of my life. I have more wisdom on dealing with issues and building a global structure. Limiting beliefs are being crushed and I can see into the future clearly.

I've been able to appreciate my multi-dimensional flows, as well as experienced alignment in my assignments. Spiritually, I've healed from mental blocks, limitations, trauma and low self-esteem issues. Now, I've found clarity while courageously building big.
Adenike Folagbade
Marriage Coach and Founder,
As a Coach, DDK shows you what is possible, why it is possible and how you can actually make it happen. What makes her absolutely unique is because she shares from the depth of her own journey and experiences as well as breaks everything down in such a way that the light hits you and you have no choice but to run with the winds that she has stirred up in your sails.

Over the last one year joining her Coaching Inner Circle, my eyes are beginning to open to new levels and dimensions of what is possible, I now see more clearly the things that have held me back; top among them being my subconscious conditioning, habits as well as a lack of knowledge and clarity on the right steps that I need to take to step into the visionary life that God has called me into.

In July, I launched, an online resource centre that provides simple tools for greater productivity. I created multiple checklists cutting across various areas of life, and recorded a 10 Part Series on Productivity! This was completely out of my comfort zone but I was able to successfully launch in November.
Bisola Kuku
Business Planner in Upstream Oil and Gas Company
DDK is patient, attentive, thorough and has a very systematic approach to problem solving. I love how she uncovers and helps to unravel what seemed like a mess into something beautiful especially as regards to the multi-influential pathways.

She's a believer in the ability of anyone to become more. She will speak to you as though your vision about to be achieved, thereby bringing one to the point of accepting and already seeing themselves that way.

Since working with DDK and using some of the strategies she shared with me, I was able to relaunch my Profitable Photography Business Program with a lot more students coming on board! She has shown me how to thrive through systems, connect with different people and become aware of my limitless potentiality!
Yagazie Eguare
Professional Photographer
DDK is in a class of her own. The way she effectively and gracefully utilizes humour and down-to-earth methodologies to teach life-changing and mind-shifting concepts is second to none. She is a breathe of fresh air!

Joining her signature program – Unbundling 2020 – helped me successfully launch copies of the Jesus-Book Comic Series. I went ahead to join IMMERSE Inner Circle (CREATE Coaching Squad) and experienced a STRETCH in my mindsets!
Abisola Richard-Ogbomo
Generalist HR Professional for a Nigerian Government Parastatal & Entrepreneur
As an Executive Executor, DDK is not saying what she hasn’t experienced, therefore, can help you unfold the answer your soul seeks and even more. You won't leave her programs without insight, light and ease."

Working with and being coached by DDK has brought me so much clarity and structure for my many heart-pulls. My last coaching session with her made the rest of my 2020 definitive and super fulfilling, the covid season became a blessing to implement after the clarity and organisation achieved with her.

Her guidance will declutter your many visionary expressions and help you execute.
Jacqueline Oludimu
Marriage Coach and Mentor
Being in IMMERSE Inner Circle, and working with DDK’s Coaching always delivers EPIC Results! I can testify experiencing a paradigm shift and I’ve evolved in so many ways, from being that timid person that didn’t believe in herself or her vision God into a woman who sees herself through the lens of God.

Since working with DDK, I’ve launched a productivity course, a productivity journal, an email based course for women who experienced rejection and also a podcast for married women
Ife Freeman
Healthy and Safety Advisor
The Coaching Experience with DDK is healing, freeing and birthing! Being a part of her community has heightened my ability to execute, and I am now comfortable with expressing my multi-talented self in different seasons. DDK!!! You're the eight world wonder!

Recently, I was healed of a childhood trauma that had sabotaged relationships in my life just by listening to DDK speak to an unrelated topic. And thanks to Unbundling 2020 Program, I navigated with grace a most unprecedented shedding phase of my life.

I launched a free eBook - Healing Seed as well as released a Scripture and Music Audio Track called Healing Euphony and Streams, both with humbling testimonies. Also, I’ve authored 2 books - Happy Healthy Whole Adults and Happy Healthy Whole Kids, both on divine healing and health.
Olufunmilayo Adeniyi
Dentist Catalytic, Life Changing, Light Agent.

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